Who we are

Choudhary Block Works is one of Pakistan’s leading block worker with over 3 decades of invaluable experience and expertise in construction material and development of cemented material and steel fabrication. We carry out all aspects of construction material for your houses and other commercial works, from planning to finish. We recognize the benefits of working as a team – with our clients, partners and supply chain – and we have a vast experience of this approach. In this way we enable our clients to fully benefit from our broad practical experience and the collective knowledge of the professionals and experts in the Choudhary Block Works.

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our history

Choudhary Blocks Works (CBW) is one of the largest producers and leading exporters of quality cement and steel construction material in Pakistan, with a very high production capacity. Over the years, the Company has grown substantially and is expanding its business operations with production facilities in Karachi. CBW is Pakistan’s best block works since many years and provide high quality material .

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Our mission

Our vision is to become the leading Block Works and construction material provider in Pakistan and reach out to International markets and become a globally recognized and trusted entity. To reach this goal we strive to be the best bidder and to deliver the highest standard of quality..

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why choose us

First of all the question is why you choose us as a partner for making your construction project, the reason is that we are here to secure your future & money , we give you the high quality & strongest construction material..

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